Saul's path to Chakra mapping

I’m a well-grounded Kiwi who grew up on the edge of a small town in New Zealand.
After living in the North and South Islands I migrated to Sydney in 1995.
Over the last 30 years I’ve gained extensive experience as a
masseur/body worker and energy therapist.

By 1991 I’d been working on refining my intuition and energy perception for over 15 years. It was at this time I was inspired by Barbara Brennan’s description of chakra reading and diagnosis in her widely-acclaimed healer’s handbook Hands of Light. I picked up a pendulum and was thrilled to discover I was quickly able to use it to get accurate readings of how energy was moving within my own or someone else’s chakras.

In 1992 I offered chakra readings at a local alternative health festival in Nelson, New Zealand. I took a book along thinking it would be handy to have something to read.

Within the first two hours it became apparent that rather than a book to ease the boredom - I needed a booking system to handle the demand!

People found my chakra readings such a positive and interesting experience they were enthusiastically telling others. I was delighted that so many people were willing to embrace chakra readings - especially as at the time it was a relatively new concept. Still to this day, people are fascinated by the idea of having their chakras mapped and have been keen to find an experienced energy practitioner offering this unique service.

What is a chakra map?

In Barbara Brennan’s healer’s handbook Hands of Light, the author described using an alpha-numeric system to record how energy is manifesting in a person's chakra points during a chakra reading. Over the years I found people were usually quite confused when I tried to present chakra information using Brennan’s method of letters and numbers. So in the spring of 1997 I began to develop a simpler visual way to share the data from a chakra reading – a chakra map.

“Symbols are the natural speech of the soul, a language older and more universal than words.”
(C S Lewis, 1954)

My method of chakra mapping is centered on a symbolic outline of a human body. Around this image the location of the chakra points we review during the session are identified, along with a brief description of what area of life each chakra point relates to.

As we examine each chakra point, a simple symbol, that represents how the energy is manifesting in that chakra, is placed in the appropriate location around the symbolic body. Over time this innovation use of symbols has evolved into a very user-friendly ‘chakra map’.

Your chakra map will provide you with a visual overview of how the energy is moving within each of your chakras at the time of the reading, along with other key information.

Over time you will be able to see for yourself how your energy patterns evolve and change by comparing each session’s chakra map.

What happens during a chakra mapping session?

A chakra mapping is in essence an energy-based counselling experience that enables us to explore and record how your thoughts and emotions are impacting on your chakras.

We will be exploring where your 7 major chakras align with the main circuit of energy circulating around your torso and head. The 1st and 7th chakras each have one alignment point. Chakras 2 to 6 align with the main circuit of energy at both the front and rear of the body. This gives us 12 chakra points in total to review.

I perform the reading with us sitting comfortably on either side of a small table. On the table is a digital tablet loaded with my unique chakra mapping app that I use to create your personal chakra map in a digital format.

Holding a pendulum in my right hand I focus my intuition on the chakra point being ‘read’. The chakra reading is recorded on the tablet. Using my mapping app I insert energy symbols and other key information piece by piece as we build up the details of your chakra map.

As I review the energy flow of each chakra point with you I introduce a corresponding key phrase or probing question. The key phrases are designed to reinforce positive energy flows. The probing questions are designed to lead to a better awareness of the cause of any blocked energy flows and identify practical steps you could choose to take to initiate positive change in that aspect of your life.

I continue using the pendulum throughout the entire chakra mapping procedure. This means we will both be able to clearly observe how your awareness, thoughts and emotions directly influence the energy flowing through each chakra point as we examine it. I have observed many people find this part of the process particularly fascinating, illuminating and curiously empowering as they witness the immediate impact of their thought processes within their chakras - via the movement of the pendulum.

How long does a full chakra mapping take?

Your initial full chakra mapping will take approximately one hour (1 hr). Additional sessions can be booked for 45 mins.


Would you prefer a simple introduction to chakra reading and the digital chakra mapping process?

Then try my 25 minute RAPID MAP option - for only $70.

The chakra reading and digital mapping processes for a RAPID MAP are the same as described in the section above. The main differences are we won’t be exploring the causes of energy disruptions in your chakra system, or work on addressing associated restrictive thoughts or unresolved emotions.

Of course you still get to keep a copy of your own personal digital chakra RAPID MAP - with an overview of the energy flows in your 12 major chakra points at the time of the reading, and the meaning of each symbol used to represent your chakras’ energies.

Do I get a copy of my chakra map to keep?

Absolutely! Your chakra map can be immediately provided in a digital file as the end of your session (via email, Bluetooth, WIFI or Dropbox) – or you can choose to receive a printed copy for a small additional cost.

The information available in your digital chakra map will include:

What are the benefits?

Along with identifying current strengths, the chakra mapping process is also likely to uncover any restrictive thought patterns and emotional defense mechanisms you may hold, as these create ‘blocks’ that affect the flow of energy in the related chakra. Gaining awareness (or being reminded) of the existence and nature of such blocks can be a very positive step towards sustainable personal growth and development. My aim will be to help guide you to this outcome.

If emotionally based blocks are uncovered during a chakra reading some people may be triggered to release some of their repressed emotions. I endeavour to always provide a safe and supportive environment for people to process whatever emotions come up during the session.

“Knowledge is power” (Francis Bacon 1561 – 1626)

Having your chakras mapped provides you with a single diagram that overviews the energy dynamics in all major aspects of your life and you get an opportunity to review it with someone who has a deep understanding of internal and external personal human dynamics.

If appropriate I’m also usually pretty quick to find opportunities for humour during a session. You’ll recognize you’re on the right path when you can laugh at the divine irony that often presents itself as we explore self-defeating thought processes and unresolved emotions.

“Recently I had a chakra mapping session with Saul. Almost as soon as I had the reading emotions held deeply in the subconscious were brought up and great change began. As we allow old emotions to rise out of the unconscious, bring them into awareness and release them, there is change and growth, and always for the better. Thank you, Saul, for a wonderful session.”   Janna Taylor, energy and spiritual healer

What are the risks?

IT IS IMPORTANT to note that a chakra mapping may mark the beginning of a period of accelerated personal awareness and growth. People choosing to gain awareness of mental and/or emotional blocks, and choosing enter into a process of working on them, may find this leads them to feel unsettled at times; depending on the nature of the block, how long it has been present and the amount of repressed energy involved.

In my experience such feelings are temporary in nature. If a person reviews their most recent chakra map during unsettled times, it may provide positive guidance on personal strengths they can draw upon, and/or practical actions they can take to shift their energy to create a more settled state of body and mind.

“When you’re pregnant with the past – you have to breathe for two” (Saul Isbister circa 1999)

Some people find it of great benefit to write down their thoughts, or create pictures, as a way of composing their feelings and acknowledging the progress they are making in working on any blocks. At our next session we can review any notes you’ve made, or pictures you’ve drawn, and look for any changes in the way energy is manifesting in your chakras.

Chakra mapping location options & rates

Here are the options for where to book your chakra mapping session.

In Camperdown, Sydney

Tuesdays – Thursday

Hours: 2pm – 7pm


Hours: 2pm – 5pm

Your Sydney home or hotel (within the mapped areas)

Extra travel fees

Within the blue hexagon area $50 or within the red circle area $75

Tuesdays – Fridays

Hours: 7pm – 10pm


1st full chakra mapping session (1 hr): $110

Additional full chakra mapping sessions (45 mins): $90

RAPID MAP (25 mins): $70

How can I pay?


Direct deposit online

I willingly offer a 100% money back guarantee for any chakra mapping session. If at the end of a session you are unsatisfied with the quality of chakra reading you will not be required to pay. However I reserve the right to withhold a chakra map if full payment is not made.

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